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This blog is a long time coming but I’m so glad that I’ve finally got round to it…

When I was a youngster (trust me, you don’t want to know how long ago this is) my friends and I used to keep journals. As archaic as this might sound, we would spend hours and hours poring over these notebooks, filling them with all sorts of odds and ends. This was before computers, before mobile phones or even digital cameras – thankfully we had access to PVA glue and scissors…

These journals weren’t school projects, we weren’t told that they would help us with our university applications or that they would make our CVs look good, we created them because we wanted to record our thoughts, our memories and leave for ourselves a snapshot of our lives that we would be able to look back on. Unfortunately, like so many childish pursuits that are started with the best of intentions, at some point these journals were left to one side, forgotten and lost.

Luckily, despite having lost those precious tomes of my youth, the memories of those halcyon days were iconic enough for me to remember them for a lifetime. Long summer days were spent romping through fields of waist-high grass, picking the buds of flowers and building grand dams in rivers. Squashed sandwiches were happily munched throughout the day and cans of pop were shared, all whilst the hunt was always on for new wildlife that we hadn’t seen before. Although a blog can be easily forgotten and laid to one side, those memories still linger in my mind.

Last week marked the day of my retirement. After decades of my life spent in an office, leading boardroom meetings and creating presentations I now have the opportunity to get outside and relive the days of my youth. Although I briefly flirted with the idea of writing a book, the thought of spending hours behind a typewriter or a computer felt like defeating the point of my retirement. I shelved the idea for the first few months of my retirement and decided to dedicate my time to getting outside as much as possible.

During the last few years of my working life I spent much of my spare time watching nature documentaries and films. Thanks to the wonders of on-demand television I was able to lose myself in hours of thrilling wildlife visuals and immerse myself in some gorgeous scenery; with David Attenborough as my guide I travelled to many far off places and saw all kinds of exotic creatures that I’d never have had the chance to see otherwise. Those indulgent evenings, usually accompanied with a glass of wine and a microwave meal were exactly what I needed to get me through the last few years of my working life and bred in me a thirst for real life adventure that I had all but forgotten.

Now that I’ve spent a few months on the road, exploring all sorts of wild and interesting places I feel like I’ve got enough material to start this blog proper. So strap in and get ready for adventure!

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